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  Elizabeth Danckwerts
Conference Organiser

"A well run conference belies the amount of work that is carried out in preparation."

Pauline Appleby
A & E Consultants offers a comprehensive range of conference and events related services. A package, tailor-made for your conference or event, provides the balance between essential baseline organisation and the touch of finesse that, combined, make a good conference or event a truly memorable experience. Furthermore, a wealth of appropriate experience makes these services routine and refined, difficult for a “once-off” or “part-time” conference or event organiser to achieve. Utilising an experienced conference secretariat or organiser is beneficial to a company or institution as a cost-effective option, allowing you the time and peace of mind to concentrate on your core business.

The overall image of a conference or event is a benchmark of a professional conference or event organiser or secretariat.

Cape Town, a conference or event organizer’s dream city, is able to host internationally-sized as well as smaller conferences. The knock-on effect of this reaches many sectors of the economy.

Elizabeth has extensive experience in the administrative, financial, human resources and secretarial fields. These positions have required various levels of commitment, expertise and responsibility. Elizabeth has had extensive experience dealing with delegates from different countries, cultures and languages, from the developing and developed world and is passionate about what she does.

Please note that to run a successful International conference for you, I need 16-18 months (minimum) lead time ideally. This does not alter the cost factors involved. The earlier I can start the better for you.

Conference, seminars, workshops, meetings, weddings, 21st parties, Christmas parties, baby showers, training, company or corporate functions, team building, planning sessions, launches and all sorts of other conferences and events can be provided.