Cape Town 
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Full Conference or Event Package includes:
  • Compiling a conference or event proposal for future conferences
  • Drawing up the budget, financial control, reporting and auditing where required
  • Design, printing and distribution of conference programmes, notices, invitations, abstracts and conference proceedings
  • Dealing with all correspondence and general queries
  • Registration of conference or event delegates
  • Arranging venues, break-away rooms, speakers
  • Establishing a website and updating
  • Compiling and distributing minutes of meetings
  • Organising catering arrangements
  • Arranging transport to all venues
  • Social functions and booking accommodation for delegates
  • Booking flights
  • Sourcing equipment for audio visual presentations and computers for registration and any other requirements which may arise
  • Sourcing handouts (bags, pens, folders, paper, etc)
  • Sourcing commercial exhibitors and preparation of poster and exhibition stands
  • Arranging pre-, midľ and post-conference tours for delegates and/or partners
  • Promotion of the conference / workshop / seminar / event
  • Any additional tasks that the committee would like me to undertake.

A & E Consultants has considerable experience in the organisation and implementation of both large and small conferences and events, and endeavours to alleviate the burden on the members of the organising committee as much as possible.

Other services or related opportunities:

I also compile databases and do bookkeeping for small businesses.  Asset register building for tax, insurance, depreciation and other reasons.  General administrative and business requirements.